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Baarish k katron mein chuppi ek kahani hai,
Hazaaron ghamon, hazaaron dard sey likhi ek kahani hai,
Meri nazron mein chupa hai ab bhi aks tera,
Na maang sakoon tujhay, wajah ek kahani hai.
Dil rota hai barish ki har boondh k sath,
Meri baybasi ki ek kahani hai.
Chubhan hoti hai meri roh mein,
Tootti saanson ki ek kahani hai.
Mat poch is dil k tootnay ki wajah,
Raiza raiza howay meray wajood ki ek kahani hai.
Pocha hai jo tum nay in aansuon, is baychaini ki wajah,
Chuppay kai raazon ki ek kahani hai.
Meray lab pe hain ab bhi kai duain,
Hazaron khuwahishon ki ek kahani hai.
Meray haath ab bhi uthein hain duaon k lye,
Maanga hai kya yeh ek kahani hai.
Something written by me after a lonnnngggg time :/
Im not so good at writing urdu stuff. Since i moved to Pakistan from Saudi Arabia whenever it rains, i get extremely sad and write sad stuff. This is what i wrote late night when it was raining.
Really don't know why i wrote this but sharing it anyways
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Ata-Ur-Rehman Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Waaahhh.. boht umda o aalaaaa.. :love:
isahrishs Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012  Student General Artist
Thank you so much for liking it that that much :D really means alot :)
Ata-Ur-Rehman Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
you are welcome :D
isahrishs Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012  Student General Artist
syedmaaz Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2012  Student Interface Designer
isahrishs Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2012  Student General Artist
Thank you :D
sohailali Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012
Nice.. btw you should be happy when it rains if you back from ksa, I currently in ksa and i miss rains of Pakistan :(
isahrishs Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012  Student General Artist
I grew up in KSA, spent my entire life except for the past 3 years in KSA so i miss it beyond words can say. Yeah rainy weather in Pakistan is pretty amazing and beautiful but i still miss the rainy weather of KSA :(

And yeah thanks for liking my poem :)
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September 11, 2012
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